The Brass Knights

Joining the Brass Knights

Knighthood requires an oath that is not taken lightly. Prospective members must seek out a Brass Knight to support their memberships, often they must travel with the Knight for extended periods of time to learn all of the codes and edicts required. Once a Knight is convinced that his squire is ready he can be taken to a Brass Keep to be knighted. The leadership present will submit the applicant to a series of tests and interrogations to determine that he is indeed free of evil and then he can be gifted with his set of arms and armor. Knighthood comes with a slight cost, 500 gold pieces, this is mainly to offset the cost of crafting expensive armors.

Benefits of Knighthood

A Knight commands the respect of many that see him, the guild is easily recognizable by their distinctly brilliant weapons and armor. There are several Brass Keeps in Arkana and some members even maintain lodges within other smaller towns for members of the Knighthood to stay at. In their quest to drive out evil with their own fiery brilliance, Knights often call upon each other for aid. Any Knight can expect to be able to call upon his order for help, whether it be in the way of magical assistance, reinforcements or the acquisition of a weapon.

Roleplaying Suggestions

The knights are highly lawful and single minded in their dedication to eradicating evil. They maintain strict codes of conduct and never err from them, even when doing so might greatly help out someone in need. This determination can often be abrasive to other allies, and seem heartless to those who believe in a more flexible morality. The Knights also have a number of battle cries and specific mannerisms that can be easily worked into combat and diplomacy. All Knights strive to be well educated and knowledgeable about the evils around them, they do not go into battle unprepared or unknowingly.

Prestige Classes

Lore of the guild

The Guild in Horizon

The Brass Knights

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