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Horizon – This is the world around us, from the frosty northern reaches of Arkana and Barden to the sun blasted cliffs of Tylonse and hills of Emeritt, even beyond the sea to the Southern Wastes.


The civilized people of this world are incredibly diverse, but there are several fairly distinct races of note.

Humans – Varied and filled to the brim with ingenuity. Humans adapt and find a way to overcome almost every obstacle.

Elves – The almost faerie like elves move with a grace that is befitting their nearly immortal lives.

Dwarves – Born of stone and grit, the tough dwarves are resilient enough to absorb many blows and give the powerful rebukes necessary. Dwarves belong to clans , these powerful family groups have long histories dating back to before man kept written record.

Half-Elves – Combining the adaptability of humans and the superior traits of the elves, some might say half-elves have the best of both worlds.

Half-Orcs – Half-orcs stand out as nearly giants among men, they gain the brute strength and ferocity of their orc half but also the patience and intellect of a human.

Orcs – Brutal and savage, these orcs inhabit the frontier wilderness everywhere and kill before asking questions.

Halflings – The halflings stand far below average in height but they make up for the gap in their demeanor and drive. Nothing stops a determined halfling short of his goal.

Gnomes – These stout folk are a rarity, few have ever lived to see a true gnome in their lifetime. They are hardy short folk who make their living in burrows.

Lizardfolk – Another race typically known for their savage culture, in truth their tribal society only evolved because it was necessary to survive the harsh environments they lived in.

History as we know it

The year is 936, during what is known as the first Era. The world may have existed for more than 900 years, but before this it was in a primordial state known as the Time Before Time. Powerful kingdoms are beginning to form and an all out war would likely mean the end of the first age. Local conflicts have occurred time and time again, as well as the rise and fall of a few great nations, but nothing on a global or even continental scale. Large portions of the world remain unclaimed or unexplored. Surveying teams looking for gold to the north and unconquered territory to the south have been gathering.

Seasons and Timekeeping

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