Fighters Guild of Arkana

Joining the Fighters Guild

Membership in the Fighters Guild is easy, one needs only pay the one time fee and complete a simple errand for the local Guildmaster. Upon demonstrating proficiency with any number of weapons or combat techniques the guild typically allows anyone to join. They see their lax entrance requirements as a way of generating more revenue for the guild and increasing membership quickly.

Benefits of Membership

A typical Fighters Guildhall always has a few extra bunks for members in good standing to stay a few nights, in addition many guild halls also have a forge that its members can use to craft new weapons and armor should they have the necessary skill. Weapons training and blacksmith work is available at discounted rates to many members as well. So long as a Fighters Guild member maintains good standing and often acts in the interest of the guild he/she can always expect a warm welcome and aid from the guild in times of need.

Roleplaying Suggestions

A Fighter’s Guild member can come from any walk of life, from a farmer that had his fields razed by goblins one too many times to a templar fresh from some divine order and burning with holy rage. As such they can be played in many different ways. They do however, share some traits in common. Nearly all members of the fighters guild are lovers of weapons and armor, to them these are the tools necessary for getting through the day. They relish in the excitement of combat and live for their next job. Being a member of the guild gives them a purpose, a sense of duty and comraderie. Here a warrior needn’t be anyone but himself, he can combat enemies without fear of being judged for his violence.

Prestige Classes

Fighter’s guilds are oriented towards those with combat talent, meaning that any martial classes are fair game. While most members of the guild are Fighters, Barbarians or Rangers some go far beyond that. They become Battle Heralds, Stalwart Defenders, Duelists or even perhaps Eldritch knights.

Lore of the Guild

The guild is extremely martially oriented, meaning that many of its members don’t bother keeping extensive records or libraries. That being said, warriors often talk and these oral legends get passed down from the oldest guildmembers. Many, many feral creatures have fallen to Fighters Guild members and as such, many of their ranks know about how to kill a wide variety of monsters. Legendary members of the guild have also been venerated as heroes in age old wars, their weapons and armor may be on display in the guildhall that they came from. All members of the guild share particular interests in magical weapons and armor, legendary artifacts that can be returned to their rightful place are worth a great deal of gold to the Fighters Guild veterans.


Fighters Guild of Arkana

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