Kingdoms of Emeritt


Human Kingdoms

Brimson – Fertile savannah and small woods here and there give ample resources to the sprawling republic of Brimson.

Elven Lands

Rianti – The elves of Emeritt have darker skin and are much more toned than their northern cousins. The Rianti are usually warlike, but have been mostly peaceful for years.
Lorukeryn – Long known as skilled artisans, those who seek woodworking or ships of impeccable quality seek out the Lorukeryn.
Isilviae – These mysterious elves have powerful magical bloodlines that give them exceptional talent as wizards and sorcerors. The Isilviae often keep to themselves unlike the other local elves.

Dwarven Holds

Gnoz Dursk – Known to the dwarves as the Spirit Halls, these mountains are old and have many tales about them. The dwarves mines here delve deep into the earth, their riches are expansive.
The Shadow Deeps – Fledgeling mountains that jut from the ocean, these shallow peaks are home to the Gold Dwarves much like Gnoz Dursk. These dwarves jealously guard all on their island.

Lana Kina – This jungle is a product of the relentless rainfall and hearty tropical sun. The lizardfolk thrive in the damp conditions and are even willing to trade with warmbloods in plentiful seasons.


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