Dwarven Clans

Dwarves have an unnatural devotion to their duties their priorities are usually Clan first, then Kingdom and only after that their own personal family unit. This keeps their society strong like hammered metal. These are the major clans that any dwarf could identify.

Dwarves of Arkana

Oircrindhe (Goldheart) – The dwarves of Oircrindhe are miners and minters by trade. Most of the gold coins that are commonly used in Arkana are minted by the Goldheart dwarves. This clan chose the first mountain and was relieved when its caves turned out to be rich in gold.

Airgidth (Silvershield) – The Silvershield dwarves settled in Airguamh, and it took them a couple centuries to unearth the hidden bounty that they rested on. The mountain had many veins of rock that often was found alongside silver, but the dwarves had to dig to the very roots of the mountain to find the pure ore they sought.

Stailsaig (Steelbeard) – Settling in Moitelsh, the Stailsaig are an uncomplicated dwarven people. They are often simple dwarves that make their living any way they can, working natural stone, cutting gemstones, tempering iron or building new structures. These dwarves are considered stoic and quiet even by dwarven standards, never struggling or complaining.

Iadirtaugh(Strongaxe) – Living in a mountain as gripped with strife as Chaladhuile-beist, gives the Strongaxe plenty to do. They constantly wage war against the goblins of the dark caves underneath their homes. This leaves them with little time to practice the crafts that their brethren have, but instead makes them masters of warfare.

Bhaildion(Defense of the CIty) – The Bhaildion live in Dangneach, the fortress they have crafted for themselves. Underneath the surface there are countless stone quarries and ancient strongholds, but above the surface are trade posts and towers connecting the walls of this clans homeland.

Rioghail (Royal) – The Dwarves of the Holy Valley consider themselves the chosen ones. They believe that all dwarven clans should bow to them because of their pure undiluted Dwarven bloodline.

Anamghais – (Warrior Souls) – The dwarves of the blade peak are conditioned and disciplined more than their fellow dwarves to an extreme. The leadership considers training at the mountain summit as often as possible gives a dwarf resolve and hardiness beyond that of his mortal kin. They consider themselves the premier and elite among Amaranthine warriors.

Gilmest – (Spirit Touched) – A dwarven clan with a long and harrowing history. Among the first of the dwarven clans to lay claim to the mountains, Kradock Gilmest the forefather of all Gilmest believed that this mountain had hidden potential. Unfortunately the potential still seems to be hidden, as the mountain was being settled all too often the wells came up dry, the dwarves crops still struggle to this day and the mines often collapse. But the Gilmest are all the more resilient as a result, many generations apart some Gilmest dwarves have particular talent for magical arts.

Dubhnuic (Black Hills) – These dwarves are the largest and most prominent clan in the Black hills, distant descendants of the clans that rule the peaks of the Amaranth. They are a friendly dwarven folk that facilitate trade from their mountain cousins and the humans of Senmarth and Rowena.

Treksedain (Three Blades) – This clan is spread far and wide, they consider all three kingdoms of the Dwarves in Arkana to be their home – thus the three blades. They are traders and traveling mercenaries that sell their services to the highest bidder. Among the dwarves there are many that see them in a bad light because they do not have the same sense of loyalty as the others.

Fuarsaig (Frostbeards) – The lonely dwarves that inhabit the Frosty Spires are likely members of the Fuarsaig clan. They split from their brothers many years ago, favoring solitude from the other races rather than trade and harmony and took to the far north.

Clolchdomh (Deepstone) – These deep dwellers rarely surface. The Clolchdomh clan are Deep Dwarves and commonly found in the far north, rarely they establish clanholds beneath the Amaranths but their attitude against surface dwellers makes them clash with their mountain dwarf kin.

Dwarves of Emeritt

Deas Rioghail (Southern Royal) – These clanmen of the Rioghail didn’t follow their kin to the north, but instead stayed in the ancient halls of Gnoz Dursk. They are powerful and feared among the dwarves of the south.

Dwarves of Barden

Dwarves of Tylonse

Fadacreige (Far Cliffs) – These dwarves know they are far from home, and they have no kingdom to call their own. The most populous clan in Tylonse, the Fadacreige dwarves are adapted to the treacherous cliffs of their homeland.

Dwarven Clans

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