Arkana Guilds

Combat Guilds

Anywhere you may travel on Horizon there are people who may need protecting. As such, there are countless knightly orders, bands of mercenaries and the like dedicated to many tenets of combat.

Fighters Guild of ArkanaA Fighters Guild member’s duty is simple, complete contracts and earn gold for the guild. Their job is to make the lands a safer place, most decently large cities have a local chapterhouse for the guild, and even in smaller towns you can find individuals with some affiliation to the Guild.

The RidersAn organization based out of Rowena that has been heralded for its destruction of many tribes of savage orcs or goblins. The guild has been expanding quite a bit lately and the rumors are that they’ll accept any job for the right fee. The Riders proudly ride their steeds into battle, be they warhorses, pegasi or even the famed Griffinmounts.

The Brass KnightsBound in their traditional bronze armor, the Knights believe that they are sworn to uproot evil in its many forms. The order has a strict code of chivalry which must be upheld at all times, a Knight who breaks his oath loses his bronze blade and armor.

Ak ChiodTranslated roughly from dwarven this phrase means ‘The First’. These dwarves often range far from their mountain homes in search of those in need. They believe that a dwarf should stand in front of his allies and behind a shield of iron. The tower shields they carry are emblazoned by twin mountain peaks in crimson and against goblin or orc alike, they never fall.

Arcane Orders

Magic is unique, many different types of people acquire a knack for it in many different ways. Wizards establish colleges for the study of The Art. Witches form covens with hags in the deep reaches of the wild. Druids form circles with those that share their passion for nature and even Shamans can create Spirit Rings of like minded mages. These organizations run the gamut from protective to aggressive and even sometimes outright dangerous.

The ImperiumThe Imperium has only one official Tower of Magi in Arkana. The mages are cloistered between the Woods of North Eros and the Dwarven Black Hills. Acceptance into the Imperium requires passing the Tower’s Test, more pupils leave the Tower in drooling messes than in graduate’s robes.

Mage’s Guild of ArkanaThe Mage’s Guild prides themselves on solving magical mishaps and brewing potions for the benefit of the townsfolk, and of course for the benefit of their own coffers. Any individual with a modicum of arcane talent could feasibly apply for membership and then be welcomed into a community of like minded mages.

Elven EnclaveThe elves consider magic to be an art, one of their oldest and most valued traditions. Elves live for many centuries and often accrue a much greater working knowledge of magic than any human can hope to. These magical secrets are closely guarded within the walls of the Enclave in Great Vallenholme.

Churches and Temples

Many large cities have a variety of temples or churches dedicated to various deities the locals venerate, but some religious hierarchies are large enough to be considered on a continental scale. These organizations have a lot of pull, even in towns they may not be affiliated with directly.

Criminal Organizations

In a world filled with hunger, disease and war black market operations thrive. The local thieves guild, hired blades and mercenaries that’ll do anything for a quick buck. These guilds can be powerful enemies, or allies for the right price…

Trade Guilds

Craftsman often band together, to share tools of the trade, control prices for their goods and benefit from a community. Some guilds even grow to wield tremendous political power beyond the scope of their original purposes.

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Arkana Guilds

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