Kingdoms of Tylonse


Human Kingdoms

Tyrua – Tyrua is a powerful empire that once had control of nearly all of Tylonse. In recent years this control has been shaken as the free Kingdom of Allyria split, with very little violence and warning. East Tyrua is still a part of the Empire, but the wealthiest citizens live on Tyrua Proper.
Allyria – The Free Kingdom of Allyria has recently shaken off the opressive rule of Tyrua. Her citizens are mostly farmers and ranchers that no longer wished to send such heavy taxes to the Empire.

Elven Lands

Semiarand – The woods of Semiarand are home to the Grey Elves of Tylonse. These elves are used to living among the craggy peaks and rocky woods. They are extremely shy and keep to themselves, but they value knowledge above all else.

Dwarven Holds


The Wild Downs – The rest of Tylonse is considered very dangerous territory, home to goblins, orcs and worse. The Wild Downs are frequented by trolls and giants as well.


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