The Road So Far


So here our story begins. I’m having the players think up their character backgrounds at the moment while I try to piece together the world around them. My intention is for the story to begin in the peaceful trade city of Sterling, in the northern regions of Senmarth. Senmarth exists as a free democracy of the people, for the most part the towns and villages here enjoy prosperity and little interference from the Bergian Guard.

Backgrounds: My intention is for the players to create in depth backgrounds for their characters. At a minimum, I would like them to be able to answer these questions:

  1. Where is your character from? Do they have friends there or nearby? Family?
  2. Why are they here? Are they adventurers? Did they come here as part of their profession? What do they do.
  3. How did you become your class? Was it a family tradition, was it your job, or did you pick up these skills on the go?
  4. What was his childhood like? Adulthood?
  5. What motivates your character? A quest for gold, power or magic? Is he inherently good and wanting to help others, or does he have darker motivations.
  6. Try to give him a few unique personality traits, maybe describe a few of his likes/dislikes. Or more than that what does he fear/hate. What does he enjoy?
  7. Also try to make 3 goals for your character, 2 short term goals and 1 long term goal.

Obviously I’m making this world up as we go and I’ve got a ridiculous amount of work to do yet. So if you have questions about placing your character or about the campaign,world or anything just let me know. Maybe you can help me define some things. haha

The Party

The players are beginning to assemble their hodgepodge band of heroes. This time we have some unique figures from very different walks of life. I believe at some point we will have an Elven Ninja, a Dwarven Shaman, a Bloodrager and a Slayer. The last two were undecided on races the last time I checked. The story is bound to be interesting, why would these adventurers be drawn together? Why would they choose to stay together? The team seems to be leaning towards stealthy characters but will they stay that way? However these events will unfold, that is up to the dice.

Character Creation

I wouldn’t encourage you guys to get too far ahead just yet. I don’t have any experience making characters with this system and I’m not sure how detailed we want to go. There is tons of material online for this but I would encourage everyone not to get too far from the basics. Last time we all rolled for character stats, I don’t know if thats what you all want to do this time? Or if you would rather buy points. Also there are tons of extraneous rules like traits, and hero points and I haven’t decided whether I like them yet. So we will have to come to a consensus on that sort of thing.

The Road So Far

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