Horizon as we know it has four major continents that are each home to a wide variety of people, animals and plant life.

Arkana has a favorable place in the temperate zone, though the northern regions do experience polar ice for the winter months. The people of Arkana tend to have paler skin than those of countries further south, this difference begins to vanish as one passes the Black hills into Senmarth.

Emeritt is a tropical continent, areas with heavy rainfall experience verdant growth and jungle, whereas areas with little to no rainfall became desolate badlands and barren deserts. The savannah stretches for miles on the west coast as well as several large forests and jungles. The Emeers have commonly very dark skin and bold features.

Barden is the largest continent by far and as such, the most varied. To travel the breadth of the continent, one might experience all the different features a land might have. The people of Barden are no stranger to seeing all combinations of skin tones and features, the land is too large to see such differences as an oddity.

Probably the most closed off between the other Continents, Tylonse stands alone in the ocean. Its sheer cliff faces and rocky terrain have made the people here hardy and wary of travelers. The inner parts of the islands usually have remarkable valleys full of fertile land, but much of the island is primarily rock and sand that isn’t good for crops. The people of Tylonse have small facial features and well tanned skin.

The Southern Wastes
Very little is known about the ice floes and glaciers that stretch for miles at the bottom of the world. Rumors swirl that there are horrible creatures adapted to living in such climes.


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