Kingdoms of Barden


Human Kingdoms

Pirash – The northern kingdom of Pirash is home to many outcasts from traditional society. Scholars of obscure arts, peddlers of bizarre merchandise, and craftsman of unusual items.
Melior – The central kingdom of Melior houses people from nearly all neighboring nations and acts as a central trade hub with all of the East.
Karth – The far eastern realm of Karth is actually not united under one leadership, but rather home to many separate tribes of raiders, humans, dwarves, halflings and more.
Kenari – Also known as the Far Reaches, these plains are nearly endless. Many separate human tribes live nomadic lifestyles along the endless waving grass. There are scattered towns and villages that have been erected to serve as trading posts and havens for travelers.

Elven Lands

Brillye – The elves of Brillye are quite friendly and welcome travelers into their lands. The tall conifers of these woods provide room for their treetop homes.
Ariassen – Considered to be one of the two most prominent Elven Lineages, these elves proudly hold their High Elven stature above everyone else.
Illiossen – The second of two extremely prominent Elven Lineages, they often fight with their close cousins next door.
Cwyn Rios – This twisted and dark wood is home to a small population of elves, and few others. The locals considered it to be a haunted place, not fit for travel.
Endaril – The shipwright elves of Endaril are extremely talented shipmakers and artisans.
Twilas – The sea elves of Twilas are quite alike their High Elven counterparts but more familiar with coastal woods and the open sea.

Dwarven Holds

Frostdeep – The Mountain Dwarves of Frostdeep are few in number and gruff by nature. They are used to working alone for years in the frozen mountains.
Thorndael Mountains – The Thorndael Mountains are old and worn down but their roots still plunge deep into the earth. Proud Dwarves mine these peaks and call them home.
Dagger Hills – The Dagger Dwarves work their trade atop and underneath these hills.

Also -

The Island Territories – These islands are host to many kinds of people and governed primarily by powerful city-states that regulate trade along the archipelago.

Silverlight Swamps – The Lizardfolk find themselves right at home with the dark and gloomy swamps. Countless tribes call these woods home. These lizardfolk are wary of nearby civilization but have often had good experiences with Melior where they are welcome.
Red Marshes – The red scaled Lizardfolk of the Red Marshes are an old and proud race. They stick to oral traditions passed down by their shamans.
Greyrook – The halfling folk of Greyrook are well known as bards and gypsy folk. They welcome many of the tall folk to their hill lands.
Orcish Territory – These wilds are frequented by goblins, orcs and their ilk. Most travelers prefer instead to chance the woods of the elves or the frosty wastes to the north.


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