Kingdoms of Arkana


Human Kingdoms

North Eros – Eros is a country long riddled with strife. Thanks to a bargain struck with the Elves decades ago, its human rulers have taken possession of the larger portion of the forest.
Rowena – Rowena to the East sits on plentiful resources and natural borders, the country stretches from the ocean to the cliff faces and as far south as the edge of the forests. The Rowena Empire is a fearsome nation with a healthy army on hand.
Senmarth – Senmarth is arguably the largest nation on Arkana, although a majority of its realm is open plains and farmer fields. Senmarth is a democracy of the people.

Elven Lands

South Eros – The elves of the Eros Forest have long harbored resentment towards their human neighbors, whom they feel cheated them out of their woods. As such, they rarely welcome travelers here.
Great Vallenholme – A sprawling woods that is both ancient and powerful, this ancestral home of the Elves is home to many of their kind. Few travellers have seen but the outskirts of these woods, the heart of the forest is a closely guarded secret of the elves.

Dwarven Holds

The Amaranths – Probably the largest mountain range on Horizon, the dwarves have many deep mines and cavernous cities beneath these mountains. They build trading posts and even cities occasionally on the surface.
The Black Hills – The Black Dwarves are more friendly and less private than their mountain dwelling cousins. The Black hills are often hailed as a meeting place and trade post for all races.
Frosty Spires – Few venture as far north as the spires, but there are old dwarven mines and strongholds deep beneath the surface of these frosty peaks.

Also –
The Island Territories – These islands are host to many kinds of people and governed primarily by powerful city-states that regulate trade along the archipelago.
Dragonscale Desert – These sandy dunes are home to numerous tribes of the more desert adapted Lizardfolk tribes. Wandering nomads of Lizardfolk or even Humans and their like can be found making their living any way they can.

Guilds and Organizations

The people of Arkana have varying talents and abilities. Their wide array of skills contributes to a variety of craft guilds, knights, and organizations that have become significant over the years.


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